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Auto lifestyle brand chemist launches retail business in Australia’s largest automotive specialty retailer

Los Angeles, October 4, 2021/PRNewswire/ – Chemical Guys is a leading lifestyle brand for car detail enthusiasts and professionals, launching retail through a partnership with Australia’s leading automotive spare parts, parts and accessories retailer Supercheap Auto Business continues to expand its global reach. As of September 30, Supercheap Auto customers can purchase more than 40 best-selling Chemical Guys products at the retailer’s 300 locations in Australia and New Zealand.
“Among our nearly 1 million Instagram followers and 120 million video views on YouTube, members of the Chemical Guys family’Down Under’ have always been one of the most engaged viewers,” Chemical Guys Chief Revenue Officer John Mans Field (John Mansfield) said. “We are very grateful to Supercheap Auto for being our first major Australian retail partner to exclusively launch the Chemical Guys brand in its stores, so that we can establish stronger connections with our customers.”
This new retail partnership allows detail lovers to widely use the most popular Chemical Guys products, including HydroSuds ceramic car wash soap and HydroThread ceramic fabric protector and antifouling agent, from Chemical Guys’ proprietary, high-quality and easy-to-apply Hydro -line ceramic paint and protective agent; large mouth maximum release foam gun; VRP vinyl, rubber, plastic gloss and protective agent; comprehensive indoor cleaner and protective agent; Mr. Pink Super Suds car wash shampoo; butter wet wax and many more Other fans’ favorite products.
“For nearly a year, Chemical Guys has been cooperating with Supercheap Auto to customize our premium car care products specifically for customers in Australia and New Zealand,” said Philip Reed, Sales Director of Chemical Guys. “We are very pleased to see that with the help of our new Australian distributor Shine Guys Pty Ltd., this work has become alive, because now all Supercheap auto retail stores and their e-commerce platforms can buy 41 items , Used for home delivery or in-store pickup, expand our mission, help people find their passion and make it shine. As Chemical Guys continues to expand our global influence, we look forward to establishing this new Exciting partnership.”
“Supercheap Auto is very pleased to launch the detailed Chemical Guys collection in our stores in Australia and New Zealand as our peak season arrives,” said Emma Quilter, Supercheap Auto’s automotive maintenance business manager. “This is a very interesting brand. Over the years, we have been admiring from afar and watching the strong growth of global retail stores. It has been a few years since we launched a new brand in the field of car beauty. People are really excited about the whole team. !”
ABOUT CHEMICAL GUYS Out of adventure, passion for sparkle and love for the roads of the future, Chemical Guys is a global leader in car detailing products for car care enthusiasts and professionals. From exclusive small batch waxes to cutting-edge ceramic coatings to professional cleaners for exterior and interior, Chemical Guys has set industry standards in product innovation, technological advancement and education. Headquartered in Southern California, Chemical Guys has grown from a handful of car enthusiasts to a global lifestyle brand, with the largest digital library of cars, which details the “how to” content. Learn more on www.ChemicalGuys.com and join the Chemical Guys family.
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Post time: Oct-25-2021
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