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Metal Control Cabinet

Short Description:

Manufacturing Process

Laser cutting,CNC punching,staping,bending, punching, threading,welding, polishing,tapping,riveting,assembly.


Stainless steel, carbon steel,copper,aluminium, brass, iron, and bronze (according to customer’s requirements)

Surface Treatment

Galvanized(zinc-plated, nickel-plated,chrome-plated,silver-plated),
powder coating, polishing(mirror polishing, electrolytic polishing),
brushing,sand blasting,chemical etching,passivation treatment, etc.




Plastic film+harden carton box+plywood case


Auto parts,food machinery,medical testing and equipment, electronic products, electric appliance,power switches, miniature switches,A/V equipment.

Product Detail




About us

As a branch of DML. DML metal fabrication specialize in custom manufacturing sheet metal stamping/punching parts, such as stamped sheet metal clamps, metal seals, sheet metal brackets, sheet metal holder, console cover, aluminum/steel brackets, spring clip, stainless steel plates, aluminum and steel shelf, Aluminum cover, Square/Rectangular washers, metal stamped PCBA front Panel, pressed-in hole parts by PEM studs, nuts & fasteners, screw and pin welded stamping parts, mounted stamping parts, electronic mounting sheet plates, copper terminal connectors, and all metal stamping parts.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Capability

Manufacturing Process

Laser cutting, CNC punching, staping, bending, punching, threading,welding, polishing, tapping, riveting, assembly.


Stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminium, brass, iron, and bronze (according to customer's requirements)

Surface Treatment

Galvanized(zinc-plated, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, silver-plated), powder coating, polishing(mirror polishing, electrolytic polishing),
brushing, sand blasting, chemical etching, passivation treatment, etc.




 Plastic film+harden carton box+plywood case


 Auto parts, food machinery, medical testing and equipment, electronic products, electric appliance, power switches, miniature switches, A/V equipment.

Quality Control

Conducted by ISO9001: 2008

Drawing File Format

Solidworks, Pro/E, Auto CAD, PDF, UG


1. Customized design

2. Small order allowed

3. Sample product available

4. Competitive price due to factory direct supply



Our Facility


Metal Control Cabinet

Product name

Metal control cabinet


Carbon steel

Surface treatment

Powder coating




Client's Drawings


CNC punching/stamping/bending/welding/powder coating



Drawing format


Our experienced engineering team can work with you in one of two ways:

We can accept your completed drawings and efficiently integrate them into our fabrication process to meet your specifications. Please submit any drawing files in DXF, DWG, or PDF format.

We can discuss your project needs via phone, email, or face-to-face conversation to develop the most efficient solution for your project and create drawings/prototypes tailor-made to your specifications and concerns.

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  • 1. How much time do you need to quote?

    Unless the product has a very specific construction usually a quotation for a mold is send the next day after we receive enquiry with all the necessary details

    2. I would like to get a quotation but the product is not yet protected by patent. Can you guaranty that my idea will be sufficiently protected if I send it to you?
    If you feel uncomfortable about protection of your idea, we can sign a non-disclosure agreement before you send us any data.

    3. What do you need to make a quotation?

    To make a quotation, which will be adequate and sufficiently competitive, we need 3 things:

    a. Product drawing or 3D model data file or product sample. If none of these are available, we need at least an ordinary sketch with the most critical dimensions of the product on it.

    b. What Kind of plastic resin you are going to use in manufacturing or an idea of the durability of the product (what the product is or does).

    c. Estimated quantity of the product needed in a period of time (i.e. one month) and the idea of how many products in total you are going to make (estimated total sales).

    4. How long does it take to build an injection mold?

    It varies a little depending on product size and complexity of its shape, but generally in case of DML, a middle size molds are built in 30 days lead time

    5. I would like to have my mold built faster than you quoted. Is it possible?

    DML’s mold building lead-time does not belong to the lengthy ones. On special request from clients and depending on our work load it is some times possible to make mold faster though the advancement cannot be big, just a few days.

    6. Is it possible without a visit in your company to know whether my mold is being built on schedule?

    On client’s requests we are giving a detailed mold-building schedule and send weekly reports. The reports may have digital pictures that show the progress of work.

    1. Are you Factory or Trading company?

    We are factory, so our price is very competitive ex-factory price and you are welcome to visit the factory

    2. How about the quality of your product?

    100% inspection during production

    3. What kind of machining service do you have?

    Grinding, Machining, CNC milling and turning, CNC milling, CNC metal, grinding, stamping, casting and forging parts, assembly service.

    4. What material can you supply?

    Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper or according to your requirement.

    5. What’s the delivery time?

    For products in stock, within 5 days after receiving your payment.For custom order, about 15-30 days after confirmed every details

    6. What’s your packing?

    Our Normal packing is PE foam, outside carton box or customized.

    7. What about the warranty?

    We are very confident in our products, and we pack them very well with PE Foam and carton box to make sure the goods in well protection.

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